Floating Shelves


One of my many favorite customers wanted shelves in their lounge and contemplated on what would be best for months and months. From the outset, they knew that they wanted something different and unique to them.  They also knew that they ‘didn’t want to buy off the shelf’

The brief was hand made, functionally invisible whilst apparent and outstanding. I used old floor joist to achieve this and smoothed and shaped these down until they were unrecognizable. I then used several coats of a primer  from International Yacht Paints  to give the shelves a really superior sense of depth and body and this I was then able to apply final top coatings to.

The second challenge was that my customers walls were made from wattle and daub which is an old building construction method. It meant the walls will not normally hold heavy fixings well. My solution was to use concealed metal shelf support brackets especially designed for hidden floating shelves. These penetrate deeply into the walls infrastructure. This gave the shelves strength they needed and you can get these special fixings from Catches and Latches

Just love my job. It brings everything I do together all in one, from design and creation to making.

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